Weightlifter Spotlight Timara Davis


Weightlifter Spotlight Timara Davis

1. What personal goal motivated you to start Functional Fitness/Weightlifting? I was an athlete and dancer for most of my life until a car accident back in 2010. I was in physical therapy on and off for a back and hip injury. I hated physical therapy and didn’t feel like it was helpful so I found a personal trainer instead. My physical trainer helped me get back in shape and also introduced me to Functional Fitness. In 2017, I officially started Functional Fitness. Love at first burpee!

2- What is your favorite part about CFI?I love the coaches and other athletes. My biggest fear is not liking the coaches or other athletes when I go to a new gym or box. Everyone is not nice and all coaches aren’t able to see your full potential as an athlete. Coach Kat is so knowledgeable! Because of her guidance, I’ve been injury-free since I started weightlifting but pushes me every day! I appreciate her more than she knows!

3- How long have you been doing Functional Fitness/Weightlifting?I started CF in 2017. But by the end of 2018, I started skipping WODs that did not include the barbell. When I saw the advertisement for the CFI WL program, it was the perfect opportunity for me to start WL in March 2019; I love it!

4- Did you play sports as a kid? In high school? College?I’ve always lived an active lifestyle. I was on a competitive Double Dutch team. Competed at worlds twice by the age of 8! I played volleyball for 4 years in HS. ran track in the off-season in high school. I was also a trained dancer for 15 years.

5- What is your favorite movement(s) and why?My favorite movements are snatches and power cleans. They’re stronger movements for me. I love double unders and box jumps too! (That’s as close as I like to get to cardio lol)

6- How has Functional Fitness helped you outside of the gym?Before Functional Fitness and after the car accident, my injuries interfered with daily life. Walking more than 20ft was difficult without a back brace and therapy 5 times a week. I refused to buy cases of water because I knew how much pain I’d be in carrying from the car to my front door. I could barely turn my neck enough to back out of a parking spot. I don’t have these issues anymore!
7- Tell us about your profession. If you are a student, what are you studying for?I am a 2nd year Ph.D. student at UCF in the Special Education program. I was a special education teacher in NC and FL for 5 years before going back to school.
8- Describe a current goal you are trying to reach.My next goal is to compete at my first national weightlifting meet in March 2020! 🙂