October 2018 Athlete of The Month Toni Gordon


October 2018 Athlete of The Month Toni Gordon

Introducing our October athlete of the month Toni Gordon

Toni’s personal goal that motivated her to start Functional Fitness was that she was training for some 5K’s and a half marathon and noticed that she wasn’t getting any faster. She started personal training and that didn’t work out well for her and her coworker who was a coach at a Functional Fitness gym finally convinced her to join.


Toni’s favorite part about Independence Fitness is that it reminds her of her old box Functional Fitness Delray Beach, it feels like the same family atmosphere and there is a solid coaching staff. She struggles sometimes to make it to classes due to her work and patient care but when she returns everyone asks where she’s been. It is humbling for Toni to know that her friends notice that they haven’t seen you, and she also feels like it holds her accountable and motivates her to show up to hang out with them.


Toni has been doing Functional Fitness for eight years now. She had to stop during dental school but kept up with her Functional Fitness WODs in her complex gym and school gym.


Toni was a swimmer and participated in synchronized swimming for two years. She also played rugby at USF.


Toni’s favorite Functional Fitness movements are double under’s because it reminds her of the struggle that she went through to learn them. She tries to remember that when she’s learning other movements that challenge her that she will someday get there.


Functional Fitness has helped her outside of the gym by being able to farmer’s carry massive amounts of groceries in one trip because she hates going up the stairs where she lives.


Toni is a general dentist and loves to work to make peoples smile better.


Some of Toni’s goals is to improve her weightlifting and gymnastics techniques. She feels that she is at a point where she has been doing Functional Fitness for a while and needs to step it up with the movements that hold her back.