July 2018 Functional Fitness Athlete of the Month-Ryan King


July 2018 Functional Fitness Athlete of the Month-Ryan King

Ryan King “Training Wheels”

Father, Business Owner & Hardcore Functional Fitnesster!

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you Ryan King, Independence Fitness Functional Fitness athlete of the month.

Coach Andre Ishmael had a chance to sit down and speak with Ryan about his Functional Fitness Journey.  Ryan was asked what personal goal motivated him to start Functional Fitness?  Being a father myself with a little girl, Ryans response gave me goose bumps.
Ryans Response: “Training Wheels” –  “it was November of 2016 when I realized that I needed a change. While teaching my oldest daughter (Abigail) how to ride her bike without training wheels, I found myself completely exhausted and not able to keep up while running beside her for less than 50ft at a time.  I worked out at the time but it was more like going through the motions every time I entered the gym –  zero intensity! Keeping up with my girls was motivation enough to make the change.  Absolutely amazing “why” moment for Ryan.  I think any parent can relate at how we want those special moments with our children to not be obstructed by our physical state!”
Ryan said his favorite part about CFI was the social / group atmosphere, it is by far one of the best aspects of Independence Fitness.  Camaraderie and accountability!  I also really enjoy the work ethic thats fostered at Independence Fitness.
Ryan has been doing Functional Fitness at Independence Fitness for 1-1/2 years.  In high school and junior high Ryan played football, lacrosse and ice hockey, he continued to play ice hockey and lacrosse into my early 30’s.  Ryan is currently working on a goal of consistency.  Ryan said he challenges himself 1 challenge every week to get to the “BOX” at least 5 times.  With time he believes everything else will fall into place.
Ryan said favorite movements are cleans (full) as it challenges almost the entire body within one movement.
When Ryans not hanging out with us in the gym he is running his own transportation agency.  Ryan has been working in logistics and supply chain management for a little over 20 years and started his own company in 2014.
Functional Fitness has made a significant impact on Ryans life outside the gym, it has helped him maintain and control his stress levels.  The year prior to Functional Fitness he was in an out of the doctors with fixed stomach and abdominal pain issues.  Since starting Functional Fitness he has yet to encounter any issues or setbacks.  The doctors related the issues he was having directly to stress.  Ryan wholeheartedly believes that exerting the unwanted energy from within his body has helped him mitigate any of those health issues that he was experiencing.
We are so blessed to be able to stand beside Ryan to help him along on his Fitness Journey.  Keep Pushing Ryan!!

Interview by Andre Ishmael

Post by Creation by Coach Tyrone Harvey Jr