Step One
New to CrossFit?
Enter your information below to sign up for a free no sweat intro meeting. During your initial intro meeting we will discuss your goals and what your have tried and struggled with in the past so we can determine how we can best get you the best experience and result you have ever experienced.  This is our first step to get to know you and get you results!
Experienced CrossFit Athlete??
If you’re an experienced CrossFit or Functional Fitness Athlete who is currently training or has trained at a CrossFit affiliate, enter your information below and we will schedule a meeting with you and our head coach so we can make your transition to CrossFit Independence seamless.
Step TWO
We will help you determine which type of program will best help you meet your goals get you setup on our membership system and explain how the program you selected gets started.  From there we get to work and have fun as you go through a lifestyle change to get you results.

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