June 2018 Functional Fitness Athlete of the Month-Angel Fields


June 2018 Functional Fitness Athlete of the Month-Angel Fields


Angel Fields

Age…mind your business 🙂

Full time Mother of 5!


It’s my pleasure to introduce to you Angel Fields, Independence Fitness Functional Fitness athlete of the month. Angel has been doing Functional Fitness for just over a year and a half. Other than hanging out in the gym pushing toward her fitness goals she is a full time mom to 5 amazing children, which she absolutely loves!


Angel’s favorite types of exercises in the gym are the weightlifting ones and especially the back squat. The weightlifting exercises we incorporate in the Functional Fitness Workouts make her feel very powerful physically and that is something she said she lost with her weight gain.


Angel told me as a kid she played middle school volleyball, basketball and softball. She stayed fit all through high school by walking or riding her bike to work or to see her friends.


I asked Angel what personal goal motivated her to start Functional Fitness and she said: “I was just tired of being the fat person; the fat wife, the fat mom, the fat daughter etc. I wasn’t always fat. I was a little chubby as a kid but was by no means fat.”

Angel told me her favorite part about Independence Fitness Gym in Orlando is “the people and the coaches, it’s an amazing community that’s developed”.   Angel said it was scary to take that first step to come into the gym. The welcoming supportive atmosphere from the members and the coaches made the transition to living an active fitness lifestyle easier.


Angel said Functional Fitness classes at Independence Fitness have helped her outside of the gym though increased self-confidence and more physical stamina to keep up with her 5 beautiful children.


Angel is currently working on a bodyweight goal she said: “I would really love to be under 200 pounds. I am at 207 right now. Even though I’m still technically obese, I haven’t been this weight since I was 21, so it is still a huge achievement for me.


A common cause of weight gain that strikes many of us at different levels of severity is depression and low self-esteem. Angel attributes those two factors to her weight gain. Angel turned to food for comfort. Many of us have felt the comfort of food during stressful times and it can turn into a poor coping mechanism over time. Being a member of a gym and surrounding yourself with like minded individuals is a great way to help fill the desire to turn to food with productive techniques like using fitness to relieve stress, raise your self esteem, which should help curb depression and make you a happier person overall. I know I am a much happier person when I get to workout regularly!


I hope you’re sitting down because to date since Angel has begun Functional Fitness at Independence Fitness in Orlando she has lost 65 Pounds!!!. That deserves a round of applause!

I asked Angel the classic question what’s your why . Angels what’s your why went really deep and I think it may radiate through the souls of many of you reading this. Angel said it was a hard question to answer but here it is: “ There were a bunch of things that all added up to the change, but the final straw had everything to do with my faith. I realized that for over 20 years I had abused the health that God had given me. I had absolutely no physical limitations or health issues other than being obese. It was just finally being completely honest with myself, owning up to how lazy I had become and realizing my health was a gift I was wasting”.




When I heard Angel’s response, I knew there are many people out there that are struggling with self-control from eating or making the decision to start a fitness program, but are believers and have strong faith. Hearing Angel’s why perspective that she was abusing the God given health, her body and it was time for a change, I knew her story would definitely knock on the hearts door of those struggling with the same problem. When Angel and I spoke about this I said I bet you didn’t realize God would be using your fitness journey to help and minster to others.  


Thank you Angel for sharing a little bit about yourself, being transparent about how your journey thus far has gone. We’re honored to have you as a part of the CFI Community. Congrats on being Functional Fitness athlete of the month!

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Coach Tyrone Harvey Jr