COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

We are closely monitoring how COVID-19 is effecting our local community. Our leadership is monitoring the guidelines put in place by the Orange County Government, State of Florida and Center for Disease Control. As of 6/14/2020 we are taking the following measures in our facility.

TEMPERATURE TEST: All attendees and staff members at the gym will be given a touch-free temperature test. Any staff member of client/Visitor at the gym with a temperature will be directed to see their medical professional for further evaluation. They will not be able to work or attend sessions until medical evaluation is completed.

CLASS CAPS: All classes during the weekdays are capped at 10 people per class. Members are encouraged to register for classes early to ensure they get the workout times they desire.

SIGNAGE: We have placed easy to see signage throughout the facility and restrooms to remind attendees of social distancing and COVID-19 information.

HAND SANITIZER: Hand sanitizer stations are available inside the facility for attendees to use.  

FLOOR CLEANING: We clean the floors of our facility with a professional floor cleaner.  The floor cleaner removes dirt and debris from the floors along with the dirt and bacteria that gets left on the ground from traffic.  The floors are sprayed with a special commercial cleaning solution that specifically kills COIVD-19 and a plethora of other viruses. 

FACILITY:  Our facility is over 8,000 square feet which allows us to social distance throughout the workouts.  

SURFAC/EQUIPMENT CLEANING:  The surfaces and equipment of our facility are sprayed with a commercial cleaning solution the specifically kills COVID-19 and a plethora of other viruses.  The solution is put into a fogging device and deployed so the surfaces are completely covered with small particles of the commercial cleaning solution.  This ensures the equipment surfaces and touch points in the gym are free from any lingering dangers or threats.  

We maintain our facility in immaculate condition and take great pride in the safety of our members.  This is their home and they all feel safe here.





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