Athlete Spotlight


Athlete Spotlight

Let’s kick off the new year with this badass athlete spotlight Iman Alston. When thinking of who would be great fit for this month, she was the first one person to came to mind. These last couple of months we have seen her put in work day in day out. Its so impressive to watch her push her limits every time she comes to class. I was able to ask Iman some questions about her fitness journey, here is how it went.

What personal goal motivated you to start CrossFit?

I didn’t really have a personal goal when I started CrossFit. I moved to Orlando in December of 2013 and had never done CrossFit before. In Pennsylvania I had a personal trainer and was used to more HIIT type workouts. 

What is your favorite part about CFI?

My favorite part about CrossFit was making friends. When I moved here I didn’t have anyone and my husband’s was working in Afghanistan.

Did you play sports as a kid? In high school? College?

I wasn’t athletic growing up. I played soccer until I was about 10 but nothing serious

Tell us about your profession. I’m a nurse and a mommy of 2 baby boys and wife.

Describe a current goal you are trying to reach. My current goal is just to honestly make it to the gym at least 5 days a week. In spite of any and everything going on in my life.