April 2019 Athlete of the Month Kenneth Green


April 2019 Athlete of the Month Kenneth Green

Kenneth restarted Crossfit after spending 13 months out of the country for a mandatory internship to finish up his BA. He only focused on running during that time and when he came home he stopped. After 2 months he noticed how out of shape he was from how he couldn’t run 400m without stopping to catch my breath.

Kenneth’s favorite part about CFI is coming in and beating his expectations and seeing everyone else beat theirs’. He loves cheering everyone on to do their very best and seeing everyone else achieve their goals. He just celebrated one year at CFI mid-March but has been doing Crossfit for 2 years total. 1 year during high school, and this past year at CFI.

Kenneth was very involved with sports as a kid. He played both basketball and baseball until high school. Then didn’t do any athletics until college again. In college, he focused on Ultimate Frisbee and actually tried out for the professional Ultimate Frisbee, the Chicago Wildfire, during his Junior year of college.

Kenneth’s two favorite movements are the back squat and deadlift. They are his strongest movements and he has always been gifted with stronger legs than arms. Crossfit has really allowed Kenneth to have more confidence outside the gym but most importantly it has allowed him to enjoy time with the wonderful community at CFI. He has made so many friends at CFI and has enjoyed spending time with them outside the gym the most.

Currently, Kenneth’s situation is difficult. His current job is closing up in May but the timing works out perfectly as he just got accepted to Grad school at UCF for Political Science. He plans on finishing that in about a year studying full time, then plan on pursuing a Doctorate in International Affairs and hope to work as an elected official or in an embassy in the future. This year he has his fitness goal to get back up to my PR of a 300lb max back squat. In regards to a WOD he is aiming to finish the MURPH this year under one hour and ideally under 50 minutes.