August 2018 Athlete of the Month Michelle Sendall


August 2018 Athlete of the Month Michelle Sendall

Everyone meet Michelle our August athlete of the month!

Michelle’s fitness journey started about 6 years ago when she became severely underweight because of stress from her husband leaving for Okinawa, Japan for a 2-year unaccompanied station. She was in a very difficult and competitive college degree and could not leave to go with him, which added to that stress. Fast forward 6 months, she had decided to make a change. She made it her goal to gain 10 pounds of healthy weight and lean muscle. She started going to the gym on the weekends to do spin, yoga, Pilates, and muscle conditioning classes at the YMCA. Within a year she managed to gain 12 pounds – yes, she said it took her a year to gain that (stress from military life takes a major toll on your body).


In 2014, Michelle and her husband were moved out to Yuma, AZ. She tried every gym that had group classes and hated all of them. She completely lost motivation for the next two years and became sedentary besides weekend hikes here and there and group workout classes she would try occasionally. Finally, in 2016, she made up her mind to get back into shape and started doing Jillian Michaels DVDs at home every day after work. No matter how tired she was, it was only 30 minutes of her time… no excuses to skip. A month into doing that, a coworker invited her to a Bring-A-Friend day at her Functional Fitness gym. She had tried every type of workout class there was so why not try one more genre. Well, one class in and she was hooked. She went with her to BAF day every week until she was offered a free month of the gym. She started the next day and went 4 days a week for that month, signed up right away after her trial, and hasn’t looked back since. She began going 5 days a week and is now 2 years into being a Crossfitter. She enjoys how much she’s seen her body change for the better, she’s in the best shape she’s ever been in and is only get stronger every week.


Michelle did competition cheerleading for two years in high school and marching band all four years of high school, which is actually very physically demanding. She is currently a registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. She does Obstetric ultrasounds for most high-risk pregnancies. She is the doctor’s eyes for looking at the fetus from head to toe checking each part for structural abnormalities as well as checking maternal structures for issues.


Michelle has many favorite things about CFI. She loves how much the coaches have pushed her in the year that she has been a part of the gym and have made me grow more than she thought was possible. She loves all the friends she has made and how welcoming everyone is. But she especially loves that she can bring her Great Dane puppy, Daisy, to the gym and socialize her and get her accustomed to loud noises. Sometimes Michelle thinks Daisy likes going to the gym more than she does.

Functional Fitness has helped her be able to move furniture by herself, get her 90-pound dog out of the car, and bring in all the groceries in one trip! But really, Functional Fitness has helped her be more confident physically by wearing different clothes to show her hard work and mentally by being able to push herself in anything she does. It also was very helpful on her move back to Florida when she had to help her husband load heavy furniture into the moving truck!

Michelle’s favorite movement is the clean (anyway). She has worked on perfecting this movement and feels the most powerful doing it. She feels like it is one of the more useful movements because it is the foundation of multiple moves. Her current goal is to have a healthy pregnancy and Crossfit is a big part of that. She wants to continue to stay active, maintain her strength, and modify as needed the further along she gets while still pushing herself